Let me make it clear more info on what’s bisexual erasure?

Let me make it clear more info on what’s bisexual erasure?

Bisexual erasure, or bi-erasure, is a feature of biphobia, where the presence and legitimacy of bisexuality are questioned or rejected outright. Samples of bi-erasure consist of

  • Let’s assume that a couple regarding the gender that is same means they’ve been homosexual, or two different people of various genders dating are directly.
  • Let’s assume that all people that are queer either lesbians or homosexual.
  • Stating that bisexuality is really a stage.
  • Talking for bisexual people by stating that they aren’t actually bi, or by labeling their identification differently, such as for example saying, “you’re actually a lesbian.”
  • Doubting the presence of bisexuality in its entirety.

Challenging assumptions

One of the most significant techniques to help bisexual youth is to earnestly challenge biphobic presumptions inside our everyday life. Biphobia are available in both right and queer communities, so it’s essential to handle it wherever it originates. Below are a few ideas to help youth that is bi

  • In the event that you assume that a person is homosexual or straight predicated on their present relationship, strive to reframe your comprehending that the folks for the reason that relationship could possibly be of every gender or orientation that is sexual.
  • Simply take individuals with their term when they share a identity that is multisexual you.
  • Affirm and uplift the people that are bisexual everything.
  • By sharing that bisexuality is real and valid, as well as resources to learn more about bi identities if you see or hear an example of biphobia or bi-erasure, address it.


Coping with biphobia could be tough, exhausting, and painful if you are drawn to one or more sex. Yourself is a great way to stay resilient and cope if you identify as bi and are struggling with biphobia or bi-erasure, finding ways to take care of. You are able to exercise self-care by

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