The passion of Bansal Litigators is to deliver industry-leading quality legal services with unmatched value. Our singular focus on arbitration puts our law firm at the leading edge of the dispute resolution market and enables us to represent businesses and individuals in a broad range of industry sectors. 

A comprehensive overview of Arbitration

Arbitration can be defined as the judicial determination of a dispute by an independent and impartial third party. As compared to litigation, the procedure is more cost-effective and faster along with being binding. In the process of arbitration, the parties are free to decide how the dispute is to be resolved, rules, time frames, forum, and restrict the court’s interference.

In India Arbitration has become the most viable alternate dispute resolution mechanism because of the ambiguous nature of the commercial litigation proceedings. In a nutshell, the process allows dispute resolution without having to go to the court, provided if the parties facilitate mutual consent.

 Bansal Litigators for Arbitration

At Bansal Litigators, our lawyers have significant experience in both international and domestic arbitration along with other forms of Alternative Dispute resolution such as mediation and conciliation. Ranging from appointment or arbitrator to challenge of award and execution of award, we focus on resolving disputes by combining legal excellence, experience, rigor, and an outstanding track record.

 Arbitration services provided by our firm

Some of the arbitration services provided by our firm include:

  • Rendering mediation services
  • Under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act. 1996 and CIA rules, conducting domestic arbitration
  • Drafting arbitration agreements and clauses
  • Representing our clients before the court of law in arbitration petitions
  • Challenging enforcement of Arbitral awards
  • Supporting stay proceedings that are brought in breach of the arbitration clause
  • Appointing arbitrator through the honorable High Court and Supreme Court
  • Advising clients on alternative procedures and dispute resolution laws
  • Handling and advising clients about cases related to Collaboration and commercial contracts
  • Advising clients on choosing a substantial and appropriate venue of arbitration
  • Concerning disputes arising out of agreements containing the arbitration clause, representing clients before the arbitral tribunals.